Exclusive Members Only Content

exclusive members only content

Exclusive Members Only Content

Welcome to the exclusive members only content pages! Here is where I will have open discussions about past, present, and future projects. This area will have content that WILL NOT be available anywhere else. Potential spoilers, bonus content, and exclusive giveaways will be posted in pages under this main page. This is a member’s only area.   You will have to log in to access the content and please don’t share anything in this area unless permission is first given. Divulging exclusive member content to outside sources will not be tolerated. The first offense will warrant a warning. After that your membership will be terminated without warning.

This is a free expression area. But please be mindful and respectful to each other. WE are all entitled to our opinions and we will not always agree. As long as we do so tactfully and without drama you are welcome to say whatever you please. Just please do not directly talk negatively, harass, or threaten anyone else. Membership will be terminated on a case by case basis if a complaint is made. As of now you are all just subscribers and can only engage in posts that I add.  You will be able to move up to contributor after a sufficient amount of time so that you could post your own pages if you are interested in that sort of thing. This means you can post questions about content shared in this area without me having to do it for you. I hope you enjoy what will be going on in this area and please don’t hesitate to post comments, questions, concerns, or improvements in the comments sections 🙂

Please also feel free to check out my website here! You can purchase signed paperbacks and exclusive swag from my store!

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