Author Interview – Lillian Mackenzie Rhine

Our 4th author interview today is Lillian Mackenzie Rhine


Lillian MacKenzie Rhine (“Lilly Mac”) writes in several genres

ranging from paranormal to historical. She believes that the possibilities of creation should not be limited to just one category, but one should allow the story and characters to dictate where the journey starts. Being a beta reader and avid reviewer for several years has allowed her to write her material with the reader in mind which gives her books a more realistic and relatable approach.

“An open mind expands all horizons, and I don’t want to miss a moment.” ~ Lilly Mac


Interview – Lillian Mackenzie Rhine

Describe yourself in five words?

random, verbal, vocal, non-conformist, open-minded

If a star could play you in the story of your life who would you hire?

Jordan Sparks if I was skinty

What genre would your life story be? And do you have a snappy title for your life story?

My life story would be a urban fiction erotic tale called “Life Outside The Box

What fact about yourself would really surprise people?

I’m an avid gamer and I listen to alternative music

What are you addicted to?

Social media and reality shows

What assumptions do people make about you that are wrong? And what assumptions are bang on right?

People think since I’m from an urban area that I am ghetto or rude.

What’s your greatest character strength?

Having an honest open-mind

If you could study any subject at university what would you pick?

I’ve been in the medical field for a while in regards to career and education…I would love to take some graphics courses.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?


Tell us about your family?

I have four children, 3 girls and 1 boy with Down Syndrome. They definitely keep me on my toes and they are my bestfriends.

The Professional questions

Why do you write?

I take an open approach to writing so I write in several genres such as but not limited to erotica, adult humor, young adult, new adult, historical

What writing are you most proud of?

Winter’s Island and Poison Apology are the writings I’m most proud of. Both books are releasing over July and August.

Who is your favorite author?

L Frank Baum

How did you develop your writing?

I’m a reviewer and beta reader so I tend to learn from reading a lot of different genres and working with others.

What is hardest – getting published, writing or marketing?

Getting published is the easiest part. Marketing is hard because you always have to be outside the box and come with something different just about daily.

What else do you do to make money, other than write? It is rare today for writers to be full time…

I do graphics for other authors and artists. I manage a hip-hop artist named Elz. Check out his song Rize and Grind…



Winter’s Island is the story of Cay Winters–a young, artist whose only want in life is to not end up like her reckless mother. After being raised by an intrusive aunt, Cay finds it easier to just run free of her fears hoping that the evils of the world will never catch up to her. Well that is all wishful thinking when she arrives in Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands as a mentor to her impressionable cousin.

Her first test is to get through the initial meeting with her cousin’s liaison, William Gatling. He affects her in a way that takes her senses away. Little does she know, he holds a secret that can save her life…as well as end it.

Islands, the pesky, majestic things that they are, don’t allow you to run very far before the demons or in this case…VAMPS…catch up to you, so let’s hope that Cay can make it out alive.

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