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I’m Rob Ziviani. Oh, you’ve heard of me? Wait, did we? Oh yeah, I remember.No,
that’s a lie, I don’t remember. I’ve had most of New York City and I
don’t really remember any of them. There’s only ever been one. . .This
is my story. Read it, don’t read it. I really don’t give a damn.
It’s not going to change my life, so why the hell should I care?Because I don’t care about anything.

Not since her.

*Available May 26th*

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Three days, that was my average. Three days
before my skin started crawling and I needed another hit. By hit I
mean another girl. Girls were my drugs. They had been for a while
now. At least they were safe, well, as long as I made sure to wrap

The fact of the matter was that I had slept
with a lot of girls. It wasn’t something I was particularly proud
of, but there were worse things to be addicted to. 

Tonight I’d chosen the grocery store as
my hunting ground. The raven-haired firecracker from the other night
had left me feeling dirty, so I was in the mood for something sweet.
It was just a guess, but I figured women who spent their Friday
evening grocery shopping were probably more innocent. 

And I was totally in the mood for

Wandering the aisles I did some of my
normal shopping, placing a few things I needed in one of those hand
basket things then I took my spot by the cereals. Yes, the cereal
aisle. You want to talk about innocence—it doesn’t get any more
wholesome than cereal. 

I picked up my box of Fruity Pebbles and
stood there, pretending to study the nutritional information. Luckily
I didn’t have to wait long before someone joined me. Someone up
there must have been smiling down on me because the first girl to
walk down the aisle was a solid “eight.”

With auburn hair and her nose and cheeks
covered in freckles, she was definitely what I would call “cute.”
The clothes she wore put her at college-aged, or certainly fresh out,
and her hand basket was empty. She was definitely here to pick up her

And the best student dinner?


Told you—I was a genius. 

She was likely homesick too. Missing out on
a good home-cooked meal. Poor thing. But never mind, her night was
about to get a whole lot better. 

She stopped next to me and grabbed some
healthy bullshit. Out of the corner of my eye I looked at her and my
lips tipped upward in a smile. When I spoke, I kept my eyes fixed on
the shelves, but I knew she’d know I was talking to her. They
always did.

“I’m trying to convince myself that
Fruity Pebbles are healthy.”

She giggled. “Yeah, sorry to inform you
but they’re not.”

She blushed, her face a shade comparable to
her hair.

“Dinner?” I asked, turning to face her
and gesturing to the lack of food in her basket.

“Am I that transparent?”

“No, I’m just a good guesser.” I
stuck my hand out for her. “Rob,” I said as we shook hands.
just in case you were wondering, I’m a fabulous cook.”
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Be sure to check out the rest of the Series of Imperfections!

imperfectly perfect

Emma, Tyler and Shane
have been best friends since they were kids. Along with their college
addition, Rob, the four friends have an exciting life in NYC. In fact,
Emma Sloan appears to have it all.

Despite being happy with her
current situation, a big family announcement leaves Emma questioning
whether she is truly content with her life. With her thirtieth birthday
fast approaching she vows to find her ‘perfect’ man any way she can.
But Emma will soon discover that the path of true love never runs
smoothly and that sometimes, instead of chasing love, you have to wait
for love to find you…

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imperfectly real

When nothing in your life goes right … go left.

Johnston has a life that would be the envy of most twenty-somethings.
He lives in New York City, surrounded by his closest friends, has a job
in a field he loves, and remains unattached—able to flit from one lady
to the next without responsibility. Only problem is, Tyler isn’t in his
twenties anymore…

Having watched two of his best friends fall in
love and start a family, Tyler is left wondering what will become of his
life. So when life hands Tyler his happy ever after, he struggles with
his conscience. Can something be right when it’s so very, very wrong?
Because everyone knows that two wrongs don’t make a right. In fact, most
of the time, they just make things a whole lot worse.

~ Amazon ~ Goodreads ~  

A.E. lives in Vacationland with her husband and two
children.  Between her real job and
writing she finds little time to enjoy life’s finer things.  However in the free time she does
manage to steal, she enjoys spending time with friends and family and reading.  A.E. is the author of Kismet and A
Series of Imperfections: Imperfectly Perfect, Imperfectly Real, and Imperfectly
Bad.  She is currently writing her
fifth book, Working Girl.
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