Checking in

Well hope everyone is enjoying my first novel Dark Indiscretions. I am currently working on refinement as well as Dark Indiscretions Two. Well be posting a blurb in the next few days for that. I’m also still working on putting up the two short stories I wrote in 2002 up and well as a few poems I’ve written. Thanks to my followers and friends for reading my stuff.

One thought on “Checking in”

  1. Just finished reading Dark Indiscretions. — I retired in the middle of May this year and relaxed and read over 10 novels within a two month period–Dark Indiscretions ranks right up there with the James Patterson, Lee Childs (Jack Reacher series) and other best-sellers that I read during this period. Maybe a little too racy for the timid. But actually in the style of current novels. Good job Niece!! In fact, OUTSTANDING!!

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