Random Excerpt 6

Well I haven’t posted an excerpt in awhile. I’m pretty much finished with the book. It just seems like I’m missing something, that’s why I haven’t published it yet. In all honesty I’m afraid but whatever. Here’s another piece of the puzzle.





Chapter 6


Hm. The door isn’t locked… that can’t be good, Krista thought. She had no idea what happened here, but she knew her mother would have never left the door open.

“Krista, upstairs! Hurry! We have to cover this up and get the hell out of here before something else happens. Did you bring me some clothes?”

“Yeah, I have a bag with everything we need.” Jenny breathed a sigh of relief. That’s her girl! She knew she could count on her. She just wished she didn’t need it this instant. Jenny had already showered so she threw on what Krista brought over and they worked hard to rid all traces of her presence.

“Holy shit! You really don’t remember what happened, Mom? There is a lot of freaking blood. Not to mention the viciousness of the attack. I mean the bodies are in seriously bad shape. Like an animal ripped them apart. There is no way you could have done this. Why is it that you don’t remember what happened when you were right here?”

“That’s what I’ve been sitting here trying to find out. This doesn’t make any sense. Who would do something like this but leave me alive?”

“I don’t know Mom, but maybe someone wanted you to know that they were here or…”

“Or fucking what? I don’t speak to anyone outside of work and you know it. There’s the occasional feeding to curb my hunger, but that’s it. Why the fuck would someone want me to see this bullshit?

Well that was a good question, wasn’t it? It was a question no one had the answers to right now. Krista snapped a few more photos and they made sure to cover up any traces of Jenny ever being here. Then they got the hell out of dodge.

“Mom, look; I met my mates last night so maybe they can help. One is a Dylia and the other is a Hyjia. Yes I know it’s weird but that’s the way it happened. Let’s go to the pack lands and tell them what’s going on. Maybe they will have some answers.”

Just great. Jenny did not want to deal with this right now. A freaking pack. This was just a bunch of problems waiting to happen. “Sure, sweetie. Why the hell not? Congratulations as well. I’m going to rest my eyes. Wake me when we get there, ok?”

“Ok Mom. Don’t worry, we will figure everything out. Taz and Nathan may have a place to start.”

Hopefully someone knew something because Jenny had not a clue about anything anymore. She had killed her family years ago and fled without a word. No one could know she was here. She hadn’t seen or heard from another Mystic since that day besides her daughter. So just who was this prick who was trying to make her go insane? When she found whoever it was she was going to make them wish they were never born. No one fucked with Jennifer Johnston and lived to tell the tale. Her family was proof of that.


 “Taz, just calm down. Everything will be okay. Everyone’s emotions are all over the place right now. Give him a few days. He’s your friend and Beta. Just let him cool down.” Nathan was trying his best to calm Taz down after the debacle at his Betas’ house. What the hell was all that about anyway? He would never understand wolves and their petty dominance games. A good Alpha would understand his Beta’s concerns over Mystics. The whole supernatural community avoided them like lepers and Nathan did as well before he met his Nyhiya, Krista. She confused him because she was nothing like the Mystics he was told about. The only thing that kept him from running the other way when he smelled her was the fact that she was his mate. If she were just a random Mystic he would have high-tailed it and ran as fast as he could to somewhere she wasn’t. All the Mystics he had the displeasure of running into before were nasty, vicious, inbred bastards. So he totally got where the Betas were coming from. Taser seriously could have handled the rejection better.

“Well excuse the fuck out of me! He had no right to speak to me that way. I am his Alpha. Not the other way around. Yes, he is a stronger Alpha than me but he chose to follow, not to lead. So if I tell him to jump, I want to hear him ask how fucking high.”

“Are you done or you want to keep being an asshole?” Nathan hissed sharply. He was getting annoyed. Did he mention he really hated dominance games? Shit was getting old. “Have you ever met a Mystic before Krista? No? Well I have, and I totally understand Jackson’s reaction. It was the proper reaction where normal people are concerned. People are afraid of them and with good fucking reason. I’ve run into a few myself and I can tell you for sure that Krista may be a Mystic but she is far from being anything like her brethren. She may have some of the characteristics and mannerisms but she is not like those psychopaths. So take a fucking chill pill before you lose your friends, pack mates, and Betas. If that ends up happening, being ‘the Alpha’ won’t mean shit.”

Let him chew on that for a few. Maybe by the time they reached the pack house he would have pulled his head out of his ass. Hopefully he would have a clear head and stop all that “I am Alpha, hear me howl” nonsense. Nathan didn’t want to have to lay the smack down on his mate this early into their mating. Bad enough he’s not getting to enjoy the mating heat at all, with one mate running off first thing this morning, and the second slowly losing his mind. Freaking wolves. Why couldn’t they be more laid back like the Hyjia? Guess all races can’t be as awesome as his now, can they?

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