Dark Indiscretions Book – 3.5

Rumspringa……………….Coming 2015


Rumspringa - cover w buggy 2

The Past
Harper Smith had only loved one person for as long as she had known what the word meant…Julie, but the laws of their people strictly forbade it. Her future was already decided for her and she didn’t have a say in it at all. Who she would marry, when she would have kids, and what she couldn’t and couldn’t do…she hated it.
When she’s told that she was expected to have her first child, she secretly rebelled and with the help of her best friend and love of her life, Julie, she made a decision that would later come back to haunt her…
The Present
What would you do for love? Would you sit by and let it pass you by, or would you grab onto it no matter the cost?
Sy Cole wants what all sixteen-year-old girls in her coven want. To master one of the four elements, move out of her parents’ home, and into her new one with her chosen husband. It seemed all that was within her grasp, when it was brutally snatched away.
Instead of sitting by and letting her life be dictated, she acted. When faced with having to choose family over love, she chose love. She took control of her life and went on a journey that would turn all she knew and was always told upside down.
On the run and looking over her shoulder Sy along with her love Jamie look for the only people she believes can help them now…her brothers.
Join Sy as she undergoes the ceremony that changes her life forever. Whether it’s for good or bad is still to be determined.

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