What I’m working on in no particular order…..most of the titles are final some may be subject to change 🙂

Dark Indiscretions Series


Dark Indiscretions: Triple Cursed (Book 4) – Tentative 2016

Dark Indiscretions: Past Hunted (Book 5) – Tentative 2016

Kiss and Tell: Encounters of a Man Whore


Volumes 1 – 6

Dark Indiscretions Chronicles Series


Callisto Carvanis: And A Legacy Was Born – Tentative 2015

Not Like The Others (Jennifer and her family before events of Dark Indiscretions Series)

Bond Mates (Jackson and Taylor’s story)

Kitty Corner (Nathan and family)

Blood of the Ancient Gods Trilogy

(Gods and Goddess/Paranormal) – Tentative 2016

Blood of the Ancient Gods #0.5

Blood of the Sacrificed #1

Blood of the Forgotten #2

Blood of the Stolen #3

Pride Wars Series

(Paranormal – lions)

Dangerous Mate

Accepting Our Fate

The Out Of Time Series

(Fantasy/Sci Fi) – Tentative 2017

Tidal Wave #1

Fire, Fire Burning Bright #2

Whirlwind #3

Ground Breaker #4

Solar Flare #5

When Darkness Falls #6


The Fall: Sins of the Father(Phoenix Awakening Prequel)/Phoenix Awakening (Fantasy)

We All Fall Down (Dark Thriller/Suspense)

Looking For Love – A Red Moon Killer Novel (Dark Thriller/Suspense)

Empty Promises (Dark Romance)

Leave The Pieces

Blended (Lucky Number 7)

Sacrifice Broken -The Six (Fantasy/Paranormal)

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