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NaNo Starts Tomorrow

Whelp NaNoMoWri starts tomorrow and I think this pantser is about ready to start…I have a little bit of the first chapter of the project I’m starting done and I have a Scrivener document with a bunch of notes and what not rearing and ready to go…this is my first one and I’m excited and nervous at the same time. Add in the fact that I’ve not written anything in about a month so we will see how this goes…my novel is called Phoenix Awakening and my nano name is b3arcat26 if anyone wants to add me as a writing buddy…


So who else is writing a novel in November? Any ideas or suggestions?

And lastly Happy Halloween people! It’s my favorite time of year 🙂

So Many Changes

As I’ve finished yet another two classes on my way to my BA in Psychology I can’t help but feel excited. One class to go which starts May 5 and I am in there. Recently I also took a CLEP for Public Speaking so I could complete my military degree in Logistics so I also am now the proud owner of an AA degree as well! It feels good. So many changes, good ones, and I couldn’t be happier. As I transition from military to civilian life it seems all my little ducks are getting in a row. Received great news on the condo I’m buying, we are progressing along nicely with that, was accepted to one of the grad schools I applied for, and I’ve been getting job offers left and right so I am so grateful for that. It’s one less thing I will have to stress about since I will be moving to a new place and meeting new faces. My career as an author is going pretty well, I just published my second book April 15th and I’m working on the third. The story is still flowing and I’m grateful that it is. I hope that as I grow as an author my story reflects all that I’m learning. So as I get ready for my last full week in the United States Air Force and take a week break before I start my last class, I’ve declared this weekend a lazy one. May you all have a great weekend as I know I will by either curling up with a good book/s and watching movies and TV shows!


To close what do you think of my new logo for my Dark Indiscretions Series? It was designed by Amb Aija Monique.

Check out her stuff she is awesome 🙂


I’ve been thinking…

I know, I know. What the hell is running through my brain now, right? Well publishers. That’s been running through my brain. Should I or shouldn’t I. We all know being an indie author and self pubbed can get a bit pricey. I’m not really worried about the cost. There are always work arounds for everything. I just want everyone to take the crazy twist filled journey of my series with me. Plus I think it would be a great opportunity. Only thing is I don’t want to be censored. What do I mean? Well I don’t want to write what I think is a kick ass book, only to be told nope. Redo it. Take it out. Fix it. Publishing myself I can write how I see it. I’m not confined to a box or someone else’s interests. But sometimes I think a few more doors would open up if I had of tried to at least submit my book to a publisher first. Maybe. Possibly. I don’t really know. I’m not an expert. I’m not going to school for this. This is just a random musing from my head. I’m 99% sure everything I write will be sled published but I still dream of maybe one day something I write will be picked up by a publisher and they will love it as it is. Until then I’m going to continue working on my Dark Indiscretions Series, my short story Rumspringa (which I need to make a page for 🙂 ), and this new idea I have that doesn’t have enough detail yet for me to talk about but as big as it is I plan to make it one huge stand alone novel. It’s going to be the biggest thing I’ve ever done and I’m scared, nervous, and excited. I can tell you that it’s called Sacrifice Broken and like anything I do it’s not the norm at all. I’m putting my own touch of flare on the supernatural creatures that we all love. It’s going to be on a whole new level of awesomeness all straight from my never turned off brain. I can’t wait until it fleshed out more and I can talk about it. I’m still building right now. It’s fun. This weekend I plan to redesign my blog so stay tune!!! Oh and don’t forget Dark Indiscretions is FREE today <3.

In the words of Indie Arie, " don't be offended this is all my opinion ain't nothing that I'm saying law."