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New Poem

Well started a new poem. It’s not finished but a work in progress but I like where it’s going so far. It doesn’t have a title yet either.


I’m standing in this open place

Wishing you would share a space with me

Close as can be

But yet so far away from me

I just want to hold your hand

But all you did was pull away from me

I reach out my hand to touch your face

But you slap my hand away

I go to stand right next to you

But you quickly walk away

What did I do to make you act this way

Was it maybe something I said

Checking in

Well hope everyone is enjoying my first novel Dark Indiscretions. I am currently working on refinement as well as Dark Indiscretions Two. Well be posting a blurb in the next few days for that. I’m also still working on putting up the two short stories I wrote in 2002 up and well as a few poems I’ve written. Thanks to my followers and friends for reading my stuff.

Dance The Dance


The poem now has a title

Dance The Dance

Saw a pair of blue eyes today
And in them part of my future
His lips so soft upon my own
His tongue a part of my body
Molded to him like he is my very own
Two parts of one whole
Looking upon his face while on my knees
Laid out for me to see everything
Committing everything to memory
Longing for every touch and word
Face lit up with wonder
How to make this man my own
This is one of the many things I wonder
Fire blazing from every place you touch and kiss me
He guides his head between my legs
Burying himself above me
Time stops for what seems like forever
And then he begins to move
Dancing the dance of lovers’ tunes
While I enjoy the music only we can hear

What I’m working on

I am currently starting to write poetry again. It was my first love and I will begin to post old as well as new ones on my blog very soon. I will also put up the two only short stories i ever wrote. Maybe one day i will expand them and build something amazing from them. I am also always looking at my first novel to make it the best that it can be while also working on the second book in that series. I have written two chapters of it so far and I’m pretty happy with the direction it is going. I will leave you with a stanza from an poem I wrote in creative writing in 2002 at the beginning of my senior year in high school. It was entitled “New Love”.

New love is a river

Pulling trees straight out of the ground

Snapping every twig in its path

Turning over boats and rafts

Piling everything in one spot

Then with one big shove

Releasing it all at once.