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Random Excerpt 7

Just added another 1000 or so words to my first book. It’s coming along quite nicely I guess. At least to me it is. So ready to publish. Shooting for the 1st of July but I won’t rush it. I will let it flow naturally. Until then another awesome excerpt to pass the time.


Chapter 7

“Hey Nate, I need you and Taz to meet me at Taz’s place… What? Oh that. Sorry. My Mom needed me… I will… That’s why I’m asking you guys to meet me. Some crazy shit is going on and I need your help to figure out what exactly… Thanks… See you guys soon.”

Now that that was out of the way, hopefully when Krista told them Jenny’s story they could help her piece together what the hell actually happened. “Don’t worry, Mom, let’s see if Nate and Taz can help. Maybe Taz’s Betas will be there as well.”

Ha! Somehow Jenny knew the shit was about to hit the fan. Whatever was going on was just getting started. She could feel her blood tingling and she just knew that it couldn’t mean anything good. She just wanted to relax and unwind a little. Now two people are dead and she had no idea who the fuck it was or what he or she was trying to accomplish. She should have gone home last night instead of falling asleep. She knew better.

Twenty minutes later Jenny and Krista pulled up to a nice little house with two men waiting on the porch. Awesome! She really didn’t want to involve any of them in this mess but Krista had already managed to do that. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to call her in the first place. That’s what she got for overreacting. Well—time to greet her new sons-in-law.

“Hello Ms. Johnston, I am Nathan Brimming and this is Taser Jameson. ‘Taz’ for short. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

At least they were both cute.

“Thank you, and it’s nice to meet you both as well. I regret that it’s not under more pleasant circumstances.” There, see? She could be cordial.

“So Kris, what had you so worried over the phone, babe?” Look at Nathan acting all concerned. Freaking cats!

“Oh well, the reason I left so early this morning is because… Hey wait a minute; what the hell is his problem? What’s with the face?”

That’s what Jenny was thinking. Taser was looking rather put out.

“My problem is the blatant disrespect from certain members of MY PACK this morning. Son of a bitch thinks he’s going to get away with speaking to me like that? We’ll just see about that. If he’s not here like I told him to be, there’s going to be a serious problem.”

“Really, Taz; I told you to get a grip and let it go. You were out of line and so was he. I’m sure it can be settled later. Right now Kris needs our help. Okay?” Well, well, well. Jenny wondered what all that was about.

“This isn’t over, Nate, but you’re right. Kris needs us right now. Sorry about that. So tell us what happened?”

After moving into the house, Jenny told them her story until she had fallen asleep, and what happened after she had woken up. They seemed amused at first, then horrified when she told them about the condition of the bodies. She hoped they didn’t think she did it and if they did, well… she really didn’t care. Jenny knew she would have never killed those people. She’s not saying she hadn’t killed before, but those murders she remembered. Those she could never forget, no matter how much she wanted to.

“Well?” Krista asked. “What do you guys think could have happened? I smelled a fourth scent but my nose isn’t as strong as either of yours.”

“We could always go back and see if we can get close. If someone has found the bodies already it won’t matter. But if we can get in there and try to catch the scent we might know them if we run into them,” Nathan suggested.

“Great idea. I don’t really want to go back but I want to know what’s going on and who’s trying to set me up.” Jenny really didn’t want to go but if they could help, then great. If not, then no harm done.

“Maybe we should bring your Betas along just in case,” Krista said.

“No. Seeing as how they haven’t showed yet even though it’s been several hours, we can go it alone. Besides, I’m still pissed at them.”

Holy crap. Alphas. Nathan really wished Taz would let it go already.

“Look, we’re not going over there for a pissing contest. I just want to see if they would be willing to help. It may make it easier for them to feel comfortable around us. We know what others think of Mystics. We’re not stupid. We hear the name-calling and we can smell the fear. If they don’t want to help that’s fine. We can’t make them. It’s not really even their problem.” Ha, Krista sure told him. While Taz was stuttering and sputtering she had grabbed her keys and was out the door.

“She’s right, Taz. We aren’t going over to start a fight. Just to see if they are willing to lend a hand. Now let’s go, babe, before she leaves us.”

The only thing Taz could think about this whole situation was that it was bullshit. He was the Alpha, damn it. How the hell was he supposed to lead if no one listened to a thing he said? So maybe he was looking for a fight. He was still freaked out about having mates and wanted to take it out on someone. But maybe picking a fight with Jackson wasn’t a good idea. Jackson could wipe the floor with him if he wanted to. He just hoped he wasn’t still pissed or things were going to get ugly and someone might just end up dead. Mainly Taz. What the hell was he thinking?

Random Excerpt 6

Well I haven’t posted an excerpt in awhile. I’m pretty much finished with the book. It just seems like I’m missing something, that’s why I haven’t published it yet. In all honesty I’m afraid but whatever. Here’s another piece of the puzzle.





Chapter 6


Hm. The door isn’t locked… that can’t be good, Krista thought. She had no idea what happened here, but she knew her mother would have never left the door open.

“Krista, upstairs! Hurry! We have to cover this up and get the hell out of here before something else happens. Did you bring me some clothes?”

“Yeah, I have a bag with everything we need.” Jenny breathed a sigh of relief. That’s her girl! She knew she could count on her. She just wished she didn’t need it this instant. Jenny had already showered so she threw on what Krista brought over and they worked hard to rid all traces of her presence.

“Holy shit! You really don’t remember what happened, Mom? There is a lot of freaking blood. Not to mention the viciousness of the attack. I mean the bodies are in seriously bad shape. Like an animal ripped them apart. There is no way you could have done this. Why is it that you don’t remember what happened when you were right here?”

“That’s what I’ve been sitting here trying to find out. This doesn’t make any sense. Who would do something like this but leave me alive?”

“I don’t know Mom, but maybe someone wanted you to know that they were here or…”

“Or fucking what? I don’t speak to anyone outside of work and you know it. There’s the occasional feeding to curb my hunger, but that’s it. Why the fuck would someone want me to see this bullshit?

Well that was a good question, wasn’t it? It was a question no one had the answers to right now. Krista snapped a few more photos and they made sure to cover up any traces of Jenny ever being here. Then they got the hell out of dodge.

“Mom, look; I met my mates last night so maybe they can help. One is a Dylia and the other is a Hyjia. Yes I know it’s weird but that’s the way it happened. Let’s go to the pack lands and tell them what’s going on. Maybe they will have some answers.”

Just great. Jenny did not want to deal with this right now. A freaking pack. This was just a bunch of problems waiting to happen. “Sure, sweetie. Why the hell not? Congratulations as well. I’m going to rest my eyes. Wake me when we get there, ok?”

“Ok Mom. Don’t worry, we will figure everything out. Taz and Nathan may have a place to start.”

Hopefully someone knew something because Jenny had not a clue about anything anymore. She had killed her family years ago and fled without a word. No one could know she was here. She hadn’t seen or heard from another Mystic since that day besides her daughter. So just who was this prick who was trying to make her go insane? When she found whoever it was she was going to make them wish they were never born. No one fucked with Jennifer Johnston and lived to tell the tale. Her family was proof of that.


 “Taz, just calm down. Everything will be okay. Everyone’s emotions are all over the place right now. Give him a few days. He’s your friend and Beta. Just let him cool down.” Nathan was trying his best to calm Taz down after the debacle at his Betas’ house. What the hell was all that about anyway? He would never understand wolves and their petty dominance games. A good Alpha would understand his Beta’s concerns over Mystics. The whole supernatural community avoided them like lepers and Nathan did as well before he met his Nyhiya, Krista. She confused him because she was nothing like the Mystics he was told about. The only thing that kept him from running the other way when he smelled her was the fact that she was his mate. If she were just a random Mystic he would have high-tailed it and ran as fast as he could to somewhere she wasn’t. All the Mystics he had the displeasure of running into before were nasty, vicious, inbred bastards. So he totally got where the Betas were coming from. Taser seriously could have handled the rejection better.

“Well excuse the fuck out of me! He had no right to speak to me that way. I am his Alpha. Not the other way around. Yes, he is a stronger Alpha than me but he chose to follow, not to lead. So if I tell him to jump, I want to hear him ask how fucking high.”

“Are you done or you want to keep being an asshole?” Nathan hissed sharply. He was getting annoyed. Did he mention he really hated dominance games? Shit was getting old. “Have you ever met a Mystic before Krista? No? Well I have, and I totally understand Jackson’s reaction. It was the proper reaction where normal people are concerned. People are afraid of them and with good fucking reason. I’ve run into a few myself and I can tell you for sure that Krista may be a Mystic but she is far from being anything like her brethren. She may have some of the characteristics and mannerisms but she is not like those psychopaths. So take a fucking chill pill before you lose your friends, pack mates, and Betas. If that ends up happening, being ‘the Alpha’ won’t mean shit.”

Let him chew on that for a few. Maybe by the time they reached the pack house he would have pulled his head out of his ass. Hopefully he would have a clear head and stop all that “I am Alpha, hear me howl” nonsense. Nathan didn’t want to have to lay the smack down on his mate this early into their mating. Bad enough he’s not getting to enjoy the mating heat at all, with one mate running off first thing this morning, and the second slowly losing his mind. Freaking wolves. Why couldn’t they be more laid back like the Hyjia? Guess all races can’t be as awesome as his now, can they?

My book

Started Chapter 18. I’m so proud of my little book. It is coming along nicely. Since it is a long weekend this weekend I think I will try to finish the last 3 or 4 chapters that I have left and my first draft will be done. Then after comes the hard part of detailing and refining. I’m not worried though as long as my muse decides to work the only thing stopping me is my own laziness.

Random Excerpt 5




Jackson and Taylor were lounging around on the couch when the doorbell rang.

“Who the hell is that,” Jackson wondered.

He wasn’t in the mood for this shit this morning. He barely got any sleep last night as it was, since he was worrying about Taz and his mates. Three people being mated together was ridiculous. Two people was just enough in his book.

“Alpha, I’m surprised to see you this soon. I would have thought your mates wouldn’t let you out of their sight for a few days yet,” Jackson heard Taylor saying.

Nathan was right on Taz’s heels.

“Krista got a call early this morning and she rushed out with barely a word. I think it was her mother.” Well that didn’t sound good to Jackson.

“So what brings you guys over so early.”

Ha leave it to Tay to just get everything out in the damn open regardless of how it sounded to other people. That was one of the many reasons Jackson loved him so much.

“Can’t a guy just come by and hangout with his friends?”

Was Taz serious? It was definitely too early for this bullshit.

“Nathan would you like something to drink?”Jackson asked.

If Taz wanted to play dumb Jackson wasn’t going to entertain him. He had better things to do like lay around and be lazy all day with his man. If the Alpha had something to discuss he better say it because Jackson wasn’t about to ask him and he knew Taylor wasn’t going to either.

They could play this game all day. “So we’re having a mating party and Krista’s inviting her mother and if you guys attend, as the Betas of the pack, then the rest of the pack will be more willing to come too.”

Yes it was official, he had lost his fucking mind!


“Jackson, hon, he is our Alpha and  we are the pack Betas. We can’t just say no.”

“The hell we can’t. I’m not playing us in danger. Mysticks are unstable. He has to be around them, we don’t.”

Apparently Taylor was just as retarded. Was he the only sane one left. How could Taz even ask this of them? He knew how they felt about them.  It was bad enough they had been in the same area accidentally as one of them, now he wanted them to hangout with another one on purpose. Fuck that shit. Wasn’t going to be happening if he could help it.

Random Excerpt 4



Well he hoped they enjoyed fucking what was his because once he was done with them they wouldn’t be doing anything else, period. He didn’t like to share. He killed the last guy she fucked and sucked and this couple would be no different. Last time she left when she was done but not this time. It was of no importance. He could kill them while she slept. Yes she would wake up confused but he didn’t care. She needed to learn anyway that she was only his. Tonight would be her first lesson. He wouldn’t revile himself yet but he’d have her trying to cover this up because he was sure she was going to think it was her. Yes, this was perfect. He moved from the shadows to execute his plan.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

She woke up covered in blood. What the fuck? This couldn’t be happening. She hadn’t killed anyone in centuries. Something wasn’t right. She looked around the room she was in. The couple she went home with bodies were torn to shreds. It couldn’t have been her. She never loss control that bad to where she didn’t remember what happened. She couldn’t have been drugged because drugs didn’t work on Mysticks. There was too much blood and she was starting to freak out. Too much blood made her remember and she didn’t want to remember.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Your Nyhiya! Are you Fucking kidding me?”, Mr. Johnston growled.

Well here we go Jenny thought. He was going to flip out. Why did she say that? She should have never even came over. She should have just packed all her shit and took off like she wanted too. Now she would have to spill blood. Half of her relished in that fact, her Vamprya side loved blood shed. While the other half could care less, her shifting witch side just wanted to go home.

“That’s it. I’ve had it. Sammy, John, grab her and bring her to the back. It’s time this was taken care of.”

Her father’s words had her stuck to her spot in shock. Just what the hell did he think he was about to do to her. She should have run. Hell she should have even screamed but no she just stood there like a fucking statue.

Sam and John grabbed her by her arms and started dragging her down to the basement. Halfway there her brain finally jump started back up and she started to struggle.

“What the hell? Let me the fuck go right now! You people have lost your damn minds.”

She was screeching and thrashing about, trying to wriggle out of her brothers grips. They had a tight, painful hold on her and they weren’t letting go anytime soon. Shit! She was in trouble.