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Book Release – Resurrected Secrets by N. Nieto

Title: Resurrected Secrets (Unforeseen Secrets Book 1)

Author: N. Nieto

Release: August 28, 2015

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Mandy Miller is not your typical 28 year old. She had a husband and 2 beautiful 3 year old twins. Until one night it was all taken from her by a drunk driver. Hit and run. Now its been 5 year later and she is slowly trying to rebuild her life. She has a job at one of the best law firms in L.A . And she think things are going great until her new assistant shows up and changes everything.

Joshua Rodgers is your typical 27 year old. Except he has a dark secret that could ruin everything he has worked so hard to become.

Will Mandy open up about her past to Joshua and what will Mandy think of him once she learns his secret..

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