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Letters To Kyle by Shakuita Johnson

Letters To Kyle


Letters To Kyle


Back in 2013 I met this guy Kyle online. We went on a date and I really enjoyed it. I was convinced our love would be written in the stars. That he was the one I’d been looking for all my life. Everything seemed to be falling into place. I thought…

Rarely do the things we want actually happen. I’d convinced myself that the signs were aligning and that he was my happy ever after. I was very sadly mistaken. It took me a while to let go though. So I started writing letters to kyle of how I felt or what I was thinking.

This is a non fiction account of 11 letters I wrote to Kyle from October to November 2013. It’s raw and gritty in it’s true form. Nothing has been changed. It is also a companion to my poem collection, “Inside The Heart of my Soul” which is free on smashwords and barnes and noble and 99 cents on Amazon…

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Letters To Kyle

Non Fiction

$0.99 or FREE with Kindle Unlimited

Shakuita Johnson

When you feel as though your world is falling apart and the only person you want to talk to doesn’t want to talk to you…what do you do? You write them a letter of course! Over the course of about two months that is exactly what I did. I wrote letters to Kyle that he will never see…


The audio book should be available in the next few weeks as well. I will post the link once that happens. Please let me know what you think by leaving a review once you’ve read the ebook.


Like and comment on this blog post and I will pick two winners randomly to receive the ebook from me.

My first audiobook!

Gather ’round peeps and get your copy of my beautiful poetry read by the talented Hillary Hawkins. She’s done work for Nickelodeon and other voice over work. To get your copy of

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Heart Speak: The Complete Works of Inside the Heart of My Soul and Days to Come

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Updates and whatnot!

Hello lovelies! I know it’s been awhile but school is nuts and writing is crazy. Just a few updates from me in case you missed anything…

1. I am on Wattpad and I’m currently uploading two stories…

– Dark Indiscretions Book 1 a chapter ever Wed and Fri, which is also available FREE wherever ebooks are sold it you don’t wanna wait but I hope you go and follow me and comment and vote if you are so inclined.

– Letters To Kyle an entry every Wed and Sun, which are real letters I wrote to an ex during our time together.

2. I’m currently working on a 6 part erotica serial entitled Kiss And Tell: Encounters of a Prostitute. The books in order are:

Story Releases – this is a serial and therefore should be read in order.

Vixen: Kiss And Tell: Encounters of a Prostitute Vol. 1 June 1, 2015
Diamond: Kiss And Tell: Encounters of a Prostitute Vol. 2 June 8, 2015
Candy: Kiss And Tell: Encounters of a Prostitute Vol. 3 June 15, 2015
Madeline: Kiss And Tell: Encounters of a Prostitute Vol. 4 June 22, 2015
Star: Kiss And Tell: Encounters of a Prostitute Vol. 5 June 29, 2015
Asterisk: Kiss And Tell: Encounters of a Prostitute Vol. 6 July 6, 2015

Kiss And Tell: Encounters of a Prostitute Vol. 1-6 Box Set July 20, 2015







There is a Facebook event where covers will be revealed and releases posted with lots of fun, games and prizes.

I’ve also put together a Thunderclap if you could help support that would be awesome!


3. I’m in the process of putting Heart Speak: The Complete Work of Inside The Heart Of My Soul and Days To Come poetry collections in an audiobook which will be read by Hillary Hawkins. Updates to come when they become available.

That’s pretty much all I have for now…for recent updates and items from my shop check out my website.