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The Day My Heart Beat Stilled

Picture I made on my iPad of a forest at night
Picture I made on my iPad of a forest at night


The feeling you get when some days are better than others… Well that’s how I would describe my writing. Some days I won’t write anything and others if I don’t write anything I feel like I could explode with all the things I need to say. This is what was going on when I wrote this poem. It was all in my feelings and instead of sitting in the corner crying and feeling sorry for myself, why not just write the words on paper. Sometimes that makes the emotions seem to real and like that day really happened and now you can’t block it out because you’ve put words to memory. Now when you look at this thing that you have written you will remember why you wrote it in the first place. I am a writer. It’s what I do. I write. It’s the only time where I can completely say what it is I’m trying to say without wondering if I explained it well enough. I’m not a fan of too much emotion but there’s so much emotion in my writing. Maybe the problem is I don’t show enough emotion when I’m not writing. It’s just easier to express emotion when I’m writing versus day-to-day life. Anyway here is a poem I wrote last night.

Cold and lonely
The day my heart beat stilled
Even the kindest words cut deep
The day my heart beat stilled
Images of your perfect face
The day my heart beat stilled
Never fail to bring tears to my eyes
The day my heart beat stilled
I can still here your voice calling out to me
The day my heart beat stilled
About what a great girl I am
The day my heart beat stilled
And how you don’t want to be tied down
The day my heart beat stilled
But what I heard where the things you didn’t say
The day my heart beat stilled
They lies you forgot you told me
The day my heart beat stilled
But every word I will always remember
They day my heart beat stilled
But in the end I’m stronger
Because my heart beats still

Echoes Of A Lonely Heart

Posted this a couple weeks back. Finally found the words to finish it. My poetry always seems to take on a tortured theme. Oh well.

I’m standing in this open place
Wishing you would share a space with me
Close as can be
But yet so far away from me
I just want to hold your hand
But all you did was pull away from me
I reach out my hand to touch your face
But you slap my hand away
I go to stand right next to you
But you quickly walk away
What did I do to make you act this way
Was it maybe something I said or did
Doing my best to ease the pain
That starts to spread inside me
My heart begins to slow its beat
From the mental and physical ways you’ve pushed me aside
My soul tries to reach out to yours
With no answer in return
And all I hear around me
Are the echoes of my lonely heart

Great Wood Work

Plaque Poem

A friend of mine Jessica is making these lovely wood plaques. She makes them in all shapes and sizes with just about anything you can think of. This is the one she did for me of my poem “Dance The Dance”. I am in love with this beautiful rendition of art work. My poem seems so much more amazing than it really is. If you want to see more of her work or to request a piece done for yourself her Facebook page link is https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rumph-Rustic-Designs/619291941425515. Go over and like her page and check out her other works.