What Makes A Sister

“What Makes A Sister


Second short story I ever wrote. I didn’t change anything except for spelling errors. It’s pretty much in it’s original glory. I’m thinking maybe I can expand on it one day…making it longer and more detailed. It was almost 11 years ago that I first wrote this J


No one ever really knew how I really felt about Jaylen and what happened that Friday night. Everything was going so well. It’s still kind of fuzzy to me but I’ll try to explain what happened. I’ll start with Monday at school. That’s when things began getting crazy, really crazy.

“Oh my gosh! I can’t find anything to wear for school today. What am I supposed to do?” I said to myself. “Oh, I know. I’ll borrow something from my sister. Jay! Jay! Where are you, Jay?”

“I’m downstairs and why are you yelling?” Jay asked.

“I can’t find anything to wear to school. Can I please borrow something from your closet?” I asked.

“Sure. Knock yourself out and whatever you do, don’t spill anything on my clothes. You better be washing your clothes when we get home,” Jay said.

“Thank you so much. I love you,” I said.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. You too,” said Jay.

Jay and I finished getting dressed for school. We left in the car we share like any other day but it really wasn’t. we arrived to school at 7:45 a.m. just before first period. We went to our lockers and got our books for our Advanced Chemistry class. We sat in our chairs and talked to our friends. Then the bell rand and the principal came over the intercom with some really bad news.

“Students, this is your principal speaking. Last night something terrible happened. Kassandra Lakehart was killed by an unidentified person. Police are pending an investigation and would like to question everyone. We as a school have suffered a terrible loss. As soon as the police have questioned you, you may be excused for the day. Pray for the family and friends of Kassandra.”

“Oh my gosh. Guys I can’t believe she’s dead. I mean I’ve talked to her a couple of times and she seemed like a really nice girl,” Jay said.

“Yeah, she did seem really nice,” Jaylen added.

“Do you think that the killing was random or intentional?” Chris asked.

“Chris what are you saying? Do you think there will be more killings?” I asked.

“I don’t really know what I’m saying. I just think we should be careful and stick together just in case,” said Chris.

“I agree,” said Mesha.

After about 20 cops and five hours of talking to the whole school they released everyone from school and told us we could have Tuesday off also. WE all were still shocked about the death of Kassandra and agreed to meet at Krystal Palace around 7 p.m. that night to figure something out.

“Carmen, what do you think happened? I mean how do you think she died?” Jay asked.

“Baby, I don’t know how she died. They don’t say in the paper. C’mon we have to meet everyone at Krystal Palace in less than 20 minutes. Get the keys so we can go,” I said.

It took us all of fifteen minutes to get to Krystal Palace, and when we arrived, everybody was waiting for us like they had been there for hours.

“Dang. What took y’all so long?” asked Chrissy.

“Oh, shut up. We’re here aren’t we?” Jay said.

“Okay. Okay. Enough of the small talk. We said to meet here for a reason. The sooner we talk about this, the sooner we all can just go home,” said Saylee.

“What’s eating you Saylee? Why are you stressing out?” Jakob asked.

“There could be a freaking killer on the loose. That’s why,” said Saylee.

“Hey we don’t know that for sure. No one does,” I said.

“More reason to be suspect,” Saylee said.

We went on like this for 30 minutes. It was a really bad deal. All that talk Saylee did about a serial killer really scared Jay. She was about ready to pee her pants. I was personally getting sick of Saylee’s foolish talk and decided we all just go home and meet at my house at 12 p.m. when everyone had time to think and calm down. WE agreed. Jay and I didn’t say much the ride back home. But once we got home she decided to give me an ear full on Jaylen, her relationship, and how well it was going. She loved to throw her achievements in my face. She has the perfect man and makes the best grades. Chris wasn’t perfect but I love him with my whole heart and he loves me. Yeah, he’s made mistakes, but so have I.

“Did you see Jaylen’s touchdown pass last Friday? I mean my man won us the game. He is the reason why we are in the championships,” Jay said.

“Well, you act like Jaylen is the only person on the team. His passes would be nothing if Chris weren’t always there to catch them. You never give anybody credit for their contributions to that team,” I said.

“That’s because without my baby there would be no team,” Jay said.

“Well you baby isn’t perfect. I’m sure he is capable of making mistakes,” I said.

“No he isn’t and if he did ever make one, he would think 20 times before making another,” Jay said.

We argued for another hour or so then we decided to go to bed. But our discussion was far from over. Matter-of-fact it had really just begun. The conversation we would have changed our lives forever.

“Carmen, get up. It’s 11 o’clock. You need to get up,” Jay said.

“I’m up, so get out of my room,” I said.

At 12 p.m. like we said everyone came over to out house. At first we just sat around watching the news. Then we started to talk about what the police asked us.

“I know the police don’t honestly think a student killed Kassandra. Do you?” Jacob asked.

“I think we should be open minded about this. No one can be trusted. As far as I’m concerned everyone is a suspect,” Jaylen said.

Why did we feel we had to be so concerned? I don’t know. We should have just left it alone. We just had to find out what happened.

School on Wednesday seemed like any other day. We went to classes, lunch, and practice for our sports after school. But it wasn’t any other day. I knew and everybody else knew too. The police were coming back to question some kids again. Jay and Jaylen were two of the few re-questioned. On the ride home I asked Jay what happened.

“So why did the police re-question you and Jaylen?” I asked.

“I don’t know. They just asked us again where we were on the night Kassandra was killed. I told him again that we went to the movies and afterwards we went out to eat,” Jay said.

“Did they not believe you the first time?” I asked.

“Apparently not Carmen,” Jay said.

“Why are you getting mad at me Jay? I’m just trying to understand the situation. I mean do they think you killed Kassandra?” I asked.

“I don’t know what they think. All I do know is I did not kill anyone. You do believe me, Carmen? Don’t you?” Jay asked.

“Yeah, sweetie. I believe you,” I said.

I wanted to believe her. I think I believed her. Well I did believe her. So I dropped her off and went to the police station to talk to you, Detective Jones, for the first time.

“Hello, Detective. I’m Carmen LaShay, Jamena LaShay’s twin sister. Your men questioned my sister again today and I would like to know why,” I said.

“Young lady, where are your parents?” you asked.

“They died this summer in a car accident,” I said.

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that,” you said.

“It’s okay. Just tell me why my sister was questioned again,” I said.

“All right, just calm down, Ms. LaShay. We have reason to believe your sister and her boyfriend are involved with the death of Kassandra Lakehart,” he said.

“That’s a damn lie! My sister wouldn’t hurt a fly and Jaylen is a star quarterback. Why would they throw their lives away over something so dumb?” I asked.

“Friends of Kassandra said she and Jaylen were seeing each other behind Jamena’s back for months. Jamena found out one week before Ms. Lakehart was found,” he said.

“That is impossible. Jaylen and Jay are in love. Jaylen would never hurt Jay. They have been together since the summer of freshman year. They are getting married after college,” I said.

“Kassandra’s friends said Jaylen told her that Jamena was overbearing and uptight. He said she would not put out so Jaylen came to Kassandra. They also say he told her he was going to leave Jamena for her,” he said.

“I will not continue to listen to these awful lies about my baby sister,” I said.

I left in a rage and raced to get home to talk to Jay. When I reached home Jay was on the couch watching T.V. She asked where did I go and what happened. I explained the visit I had with the police and what was said. She was madder than I had even seen.

“I can’t believe that jerk said that. How could he say Jaylen was cheating on me with that cheap two-dollar whore? Jaylen loves me and only me. Besides, even if he did want her I wouldn’t have killed her for him or any other guy. I mean, Carmen do you really believe I would kill anybody?” Jay asked.

“No, of course not Jay. I told him everything you are telling me now. You could never hurt anybody. You are the nicest person I know. Let’s call Chris and Jaylen over and figure something out, okay?” I asked.

“Okay,” Jay said.

I called Chris and Jaylen and told them I needed them both to come right over. I said that it was extremely important. They came right over and Jay and I told them everything. Christ was extremely shocked. Jaylen and Chris are cousins. They grew up together. Chris moved in with Jaylen the same summer Jay and Jaylen started going together. About two months later Chris and I got together. We tried to find out why they would think the things they thought. I do remember Jay telling me that Jaylen and she were going to the movies and dinner that night. Chris and I stayed in that night. I went out for pizza and left Chris on the couch. I came back about 30 minutes later.

“Do you still have the tickets from the movies?” I suddenly asked.

“Yes, I keep everything. The manager at Pizza Hut saw us because that is where we went out to eat. So the police can’t really thing we killed her,” Jay said.

“Jaylen are you absolutely positive that you never led Kassandra on just a little, that would make her come up with a story like that?” I asked.

“Yes, I’m sure. She was probably jealous. Girls have tired to tear Jay and I apart before. She made all that stuff up,” Jaylen said.

“Yeah, Carmen, don’t be ridiculous. You know Jaylen would never cheat on Jay. Like you know I would never cheat on you,” Chris said.

“Yeah, you guys are right. I guess I’m just trying to be cautious. She this situation from all sides is all,” I said.

I still had this bad feeling about this whole situation. I felt someone was hiding something. We talked some more and then saw Jaylen and Chris to the door. I talked to Jay some more than we went to bed. I was the first to wake up that Thursday morning. After we finished getting dressed we drove to school. They let us out early for Kassandra’s wake. Afterwards, Chris and Jaylen came over to the house. They stayed over and we talked more about Jaylen’s and Jay’s problem. Jay showed us the tickets and I called Pizza Hut and the manager said he remembered them being there. Then I called the police and they said they already know. Jay and Jaylen were no longer suspects in the case. After that we all went to bed.

“I’m so glad Jaylen and Jay are off the hook for that girl’s death,” Chris said.

“Yeah, so am I,” I said. “Let’s get ready for school now.”

We all got dressed and headed to school. After school was over, Chris and I drove Jay and Jaylen to the house. Then Chris and I went to the park and we talked for a while. Chris turned for something in his seat for no more than five seconds and as soon as he turned back around I stabbed him in the heart. He mumbled why and I told him because he stood in the way of my love for another. With Chris dead in the back seat I drove back to the house where Jaylen and Jay where.

“Hey, where’s Chris?” Jay asked.

“In the car,” I said.

“Well, is he coming in?” Jaylen asked.

“No,” I said and pulled ou the gun I had in my purse.

“What are you doing with that gun, Carmen?” Jay asked crying.

“Shut up and both of you slowly walk upstairs,” I said.

I get them upstairs and tied them together. I told them that I killed Chris and Kassandra. I told Jay that Jaylen had been messing around with Kassandra. I screamed how much I hated Jamena and how perfect she was, how she bragged on Jaylen. I confessed how much I’d grown to love Jaylen over the years. How Jay didn’t deserve him. I told her about how Jaylen and I had a secret affair last year. I told her that I had to be with Jaylen no matter what.

“How could you do this to me? You’re my sister and he’s my boyfriend,” Jay said.

“It’s not my fault he doesn’t love you. He loves me he just doesn’t know it yet. But we have the rest of our lives for him to find out,” I said.

“She’s lying Jay. She’s lying about everything. I love you and only you. I will never love her,” Jaylen said.

“Well…if I can’t have you. She can’t either,” I said.

I then pointed the gun to my sister and shot her twice. She died from the first, but I wanted to make sure. I turned to Jaylen and told him we could be together now. He somehow managed to untie himself. He knocked me out and took the gun. All I remember after that is waking up here in this police station.

I love Jaylen and if I could do it all over again I would. I will have him Detective Jones. Just you wait and see.

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