Terror Strikes Heart

First short story I ever wrote. I didn’t change anything except for spelling errors. It’s pretty much in it’s original glory.

It’s the summer of 2003, in Waynesville, Missouri. School is out and all the kids are excited. Jermico goes over to April and tells her he hopes to see her more over the summer. She shrugs him off like she always does and walks away. Jermico tells his friend Josh that he’s going to make April pay. Jermico watches April as she walks off with her friend Shakuita.

Later that night April yells up the stairs, “Mom I’m staying over Shakuita’s house. I’ll be home in three days.”

“Okay honey. Call if you need something,” her mother yells back.

As she walks down the street she hears noises coming from the bushes.

“Who’s there?” she yells. No one answers. “I guess it’s just the sounds of the night,” she said. She continues the two blocks dow to Shakuita’a house. Half way there she is attacked by two people in all black and masks. She is hit, kicked, and bitten. After ten minutes they leave her in the middle of the street.

“Josh this is just the beginning of what I’m going to do to that snob,” said Jermico. “She is going to pay for the four years she ignored me like I wasn’t standing there talking to her.” Jermico and Josh make their way to Jermico’s house.

Back in the street April manages to get up and make the one block to Shakuita’a house. She rings the doorbell while beating on the door.

“What the hell happened to you?” Shakuita said. “Girl, who in the hell did this, damn it?”

“I don’t know,” said April in between sobs. “Do you think I should go to the hospital?”

“Hell yes! I think you should go to the police too,” said Shakuita.

Shakuita grabs her keys and rushes April outside into her car. She drives quickly to the hospital. Once inside Shakuita yells for the nurse to call the police. The doctor examined April and then she told the police everything she could remember. Because she didn’t see who they were the police said there was nothing they could do. Since there wasn’t any real damage the doctor released April. The girls went back to Shakuita’s house.

“Who in the hell would do something like that to you?” Shakuita asked April.

“I have no idea,” said April. “I was just walking down the street and they came from no where. I have no clue why anyone would want to jump me. I’m nice to everybody. Damn it, I just don’t understand.”

At Jermico’s house they plot their next move.

“Mico, what are we going to do to her now?” asked Josh.

“Well I say we go spy on them. I’m afraid Shakuita has to suffer with her stupid friend. We should break into the house and scare the hell out of them. We are going to need some supplies. First we need to go to the hardware store. WE need ropes, flashlights, lighters, gasoline, blindfolds, a knife, ice picks, and a tape recorder. I hope she enjoyed life because not I am about to take it,” said Jermico.

“Hell yes! Hell yes! That is the best plan I’ve ever heard!” exclaimed Josh.

At Shakuita’s house they start to get dressed for bed. Jermico and Josh have been to the hardware store and are now watching, waiting, and trying to figure out how they will get into the house.

“I got it. Since we are going to kill them anyway, let’s just ring the doorbell,” said Josh.

“Hell yes,” said Jermico.

The doorbell rings.

“I’m coming,” yelled April.

She opened the door and is immediately pushed back inside the house. Jermico is yelling that she is going to pay for ignoring him.

Shakuita yells dow the stairs, “What the hell is going on down there April?”

April gives no answer so she walks down the stairs and sees Jermico and Josh.

Jermico and Josh blindfold the girls and ties them up together. They start to lay out everything they bought from the hardware store plus some extras.

“So you think you can ignore me for four years and get away with it?” Jermico screamed at April. “Answer me you damn cow. I know you hear me damn it. Everyday I saw you in the halls and spoke. You just looked at me like I was nothing. I even asked you to prom two years in a damn row. But no, little miss I’m-to-good-for-any-damn-body said HELL NO! I mean hell I even bought you a gift on your birthday every damn year and you didn’t say so much as a damn thank you. I’m so sick of this mess damn it. Don’t worry though, because now you gone pay.”

April cries while Jermico yells.

“Damn girl, he mad as hell at you,” Shakuita whispers to April.

“I know,” said April.

“What the hell…who said…did I say ya’ll could talk? That’s it. Josh get the damn duck tape. they gone listen to me damn it,” said Jermico.

Josh runs, gets the duck tape, and covers the girls’ mouths with it. They carry the girls upstairs and tie them both to the bed. Jermico sits at the edge of the bed for a minute trying to figure out what he should do to April first. Jermico takes the knife and stabs Shakutia twenty-two times. April is crying hysterically, while Jermico and Josh are laughing and dancing around the room.

April lays there crying because she knows she is next. She can’t believe they could cold bloodily kill and human being. Now Jermico gets ready to torture and kill April while Josh helps him set the stuff up.

“Now it’s your turn,” Jermico said. Jermico stabs April in the leg and she lets out a muffled cry. “Why is he doing this?” she thinks to herself. He poked both her eyes out with the ice pick and chokes her almost to death. Josh is pouring gasoline over the whole house.

“She what happens when you ignore people,” Jermico said. “Bad things happen when you’re mean to someone who tires to be nice to you.”

Jermico and Josh leave April tied to the bed. They go outside and pour more gasoline onto the house. Jermico lights a match, throws it, and he and Josh run away. Inside the house April is struggling, trying to get loose but she can’t. She starts to smell smoke. “Oh my god, I don’t want to die,” April fires. “How could this be happening to me? I can’t breath.”

After inhaling about two more minutes of smoke she passes out never to wake up again.

Someone outside called the police and fire department to go put out the fire. By the time they arrive the house was nearly burned all the way and the girls were dead.

At Jermico’s house Josh and Jermico are sitting around watching TV. They don’t talk about what they did ever again and they never get caught.

At Shakuita’a house her parents come home to see their house burned and are told about the girls. Shakuita’s parents then go to April’s house to tell her parents. The plan a double funeral for April and Shakuita. After the funeral Jermico and Josh pay their “respects” to the girls’ parents.

The End

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