Open Discussion Part One

open discussion part one

Open Discussion Part One

Dark Indiscretions

Hello and welcome! Hope everyone is well today and ready to start the open discussion. Don’t hold back!

This is the first Open Discussion for all things Dark Indiscretions. I will post a few questions and you can answer them in the comments. You can also ask me as many questions as you like. The idea is to have an open discussion with each other about what you love/hate about the series so far. What’s shocked you? Who are you in love with or who do you hate? I want to hear it all! Don’t be afraid to hurt my feelings…I can take it. I think 🙂

First and foremost in the even you HAVE NOT read at least Dark Indiscretions book 1 it is FREE at the following links…


Barnes and Noble




Google Books

Google Play


Now on to the fun part of this open discussion:

1. What did you think after reading book one?

2. What did you love?

3. What did you hate?

4. What could have been improved?

5. Did you see any of the twists and turns coming?

I want to know your thoughts! Don’t be shy…any and everything goes. You will never get another chance like this. This discussion will be open until June 12th and then it will be closed for comments and the winner will be announced! Let’s do this thing!

Mini Giveaway

One commenter on Open Discussion Part One will be randomly chosen to win a  Dark Indiscretions button and a bookmark…

author bookmark dark indiscretions button

Next open discussion will be posted no later than August 1st…I wonder what it could be! Hope you guys enjoy this discussion board and I look forward to having many, many more.

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