Signed Paperbacks Announcement

Ok…now you can buy signed paperbacks from me for $14 (hope that’s not too much…it includes everything even shipping) from my website it’s on the Home screen at the bottom 🙂 Let’s see how this goes ❤ Right now it’s set up for Dark Indiscretions and Dark Indiscretions: Monster Unleashed (which should be in stock towards the end of the month since it’s only releasing tomorrow in Ebook) but you can put your orders in as late or early as you want so spread the word bird!!!

DI full_size

2 thoughts on “Signed Paperbacks Announcement”

  1. Hi, Slevjay,
    Thank you for the opportunity to get these signed books by Shakuita Johnson. Both of these books sound very interesting and I would love to have copies of both but is the $14 for each book? Also is this offer available in Canada at a higher price because that is where I live? Or is the an American sale only? As the book “Dark Indiscretions” has only just come out as an ebook! when will paperbacks be available on Amazon, if you have any idea?
    I really love your blog, thank you for all the new authors and books you have introduced me to!! Shakuita Johnson is a very interesting writer and I would love to have signed copies of her books, thank you very much for that slevjay!
    peace and love ❤ ❤ price sounds right and I will spread the word about them…

    1. The paperback is available on line but I will be selling personalized copies for $14 each. It’s the price in US currency but anyone can order one and I will ship it. I am the author but I also blog 🙂

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