The Awkward Truth of Being A Writer

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Being a writer is tougher in reality than it seems in fantasy. You see all those memes about what your mother, friends, society thinks a writer does. None of them really show the truth of a writer’s life. So, here are the most awkward truths about writing.


You always have to eat or go to the bathroom when you’re:

  • on a roll
  • writing an intense love scene
  • writing the most emotional scene of a story


You don’t enjoy editing nearly as much as you enjoy writing.


You spend more time looking for the ‘perfect’ cover image than you do writing the book. The key is to not wait for the ‘perfect’ cover, but take the ‘best’ of what you find.


When you go to bed at night, you don’t:

  • sleep
  • dream of anything except story lines
  • actually get any benefit (see reasons 1 and 2)


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