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What better way then to say farewell to 2013 than with a Blog Hop! I was tagged by Elaine White author of Runaway Girl. You can see what she’s doing at her Facebook, Goodreads, or Twitter.

The blog hop works like this. Elaine tagged me, so I answer the four blog hop questions in my blog, which I will link to Elaine’s answers to the same questions on her blog. Then I will reach out to five random authors to continue the hop!

And my answers are…



Right now I am writing the second book in my Dark Indiscretions Series. I’m writing notes all over the place as scenes come to me. The last book was ‘easy’ as I was able to write it chapter by chapter in order. This one is doing it’s own thing. I kind of like it though because I have no idea what’s going on like the last one. I’ll be just as surprised as everyone else with the twists and turns book 2 is taking. I’m also in the planning stage of a new series. The characters are whispering in my head almost over what I’m working on now. I find that I have to stop and write down what they are saying or I won’t get anything else done.



Dark Indiscretions: Monster Unleashed is a bit more darker. By darker I mean the main character has gone so far off the rails of what she was taught and decided to give in to who she was born to be. She no longer tries to fight what she is. She embraces who she is and her powers. She will do whatever she wants because she’s one of the baddest paranormals to ever walk the Earth. It is still a paranormal romance/thriller. The second series that I’m working on is still a paranormal but a bit different. I’m venturing on more than the werewolf and vampire into a world or witches and elves. I’m pretty excited.



I write because I couldn’t imagine life without doing so. Even if I never shared what I wrote with the world or published it, I would still write. It’s the easiest way for me to release the feelings and thoughts that roam around in my head all day long. It’s like breathing to me. My writing is an extension of me. It’s the quickest way for someone to know what I’m feeling without me saying the words. Especially my poetry. The novels I write for fun because it’s what I enjoy reading. The poetry is like my diary.



My process was just sit down and write. One chapter at a time until I reached the end. Now it’s a bit different. I have notes all over the place of different scenes and not necessarily in order. My phone is full of notes written down whenever a character speaks to me. I’m always trying out new processes. I don’t however feel the need to outline my writing. I just like to let it flow. I think out the plot that I want to have for the book first and everything else is just gravy. The characters having fun in between the main point of the story. I already know how it’s going to end and who’s going to be doing what and what they are trying to accomplish. Everything else is just putting it all together in one place in some semblance of sense. I’m not really big on surprises in my personal life but I see in my writing things that I didn’t even know were going to happen until they happened. After I wrote the first book in the Dark Indiscretions Series I already knew what some of the characters would be doing in the second one. Questions that the readers will have from the first I already know the answers that will be revealed in the second. It’s a fun ride the whole way through and I’m delighted to share my made up world with everyone else.

Well for my first blog hop not too bad. Hope you enjoyed this stop on the Blog Hop!

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