Looking Through The Fog


This is my life right now. I feel like a vampire but without all the cool perks.  Holed up in my room with no lights and sunglasses on. Everything is blurry. Even writing this post I can barely see the letters I’m typing on the page. Only my great typing skills are making this post possible right now. It’s kind of annoying because I was given seven days off from my day job and I haven’t managed to get anything done like homework or second novel because I can’t really see. I thought I was going to be super productive but all I do is drop drops in my eyes, take Motrin and Benadryl and fall asleep. Wash and repeat for the last two days. I can’t drive either. Want to go somewhere or do something I need to be chauffeured around like British royalty. You’re probably saying all that complaining was it worth it? Hell yes! It was worth it for that 5 seconds of clarity I had with no glasses on right after the surgery. As soon as the healing process is over I will have the clarity back and hundreds of dollars saved from not having to buy glasses or contacts for a while. Will I need glasses again? Yes, as I get older I will probably need reading glasses but that’s just life but I will be able to see far away no problem. Which before PRK was a big problem. All in all I’m glad I did it even though I was terrified I’d be the 1% to come out blind. It really wasn’t that bad. You never felt anything because your eyes are numb but once the numbing worn off you’re eyes are pretty irritated and you can’t even touch them. Just apply eye drops like it’s the second coming to sooth the dry, itchy eye problems. The bonus Is I get to look super cool walking around in shades like the awesome person I am even at work for the next year! Score!

If you are thinking about having refractive surgery go for it! Totally worth it in my opinion.

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