I just wanted to know my future!!

Week After 29th Bday

For weeks I had contemplated going to a psychic for a reading. I looked in the yellow pages for a place near by. Saw a name and a number but no address. So I put the thought out of my mind. A few weeks go by and I finally take my background check paperwork to the local big brother big sister place but instead of going back the way I came to go home (I’m the worse with directions). I use my phone to find they faster right because I’m not that far away and I would have taken much longer getting home going back the way I came. So I’m driving home and I see the sign for the psychic I found in the yellow pages. I call no answer so I head home but she calls me back and can see me that day. I believe it is a sigh that I need to go here. So for $80 dollars she reads my life in a crystal ball. Some of the intuition was spot on. She needs to meditate on what she saw in the ball. $200 will supply what she needs. Ok I’m intrigued. She has me write something for her at home and has me bring it back the next day. I do she reveals more of the story as she sees it. Ok I’m confused and don’t really know what to think. She tells me to speak of my reading to no one. That’s cool it’s my business. She has me write again and bring her an object from my past because apparently I’ve been cursed as a small child and she needs to meditate some more. Ok. I bring it back the next day. This time she tells me I need to put water in a clear jar. Shower with it in the bathroom. Put 9 $50 bills arranged in a cross over the top and secure it. Wrap the jar in a black shirt and put it under my bed and bring it to her during lunch time. Pause. By this time I’m like that’s $450 dollars of my money that she wants me to just drop off at her house to lift a curse I’m not even sure I believe exists. No. I don’t call her anymore. She told me she was doing GOD’s work. Mm sure. After I didn’t call she called me. I didn’t answer and needless to say I haven’t heard from her since. If she was doing someone else’s work why did she give up contacting me so easily? I mean she didn’t even leave a message. Now don’t get me wrong I believe in the impossible but I just was no longer feeling it. After you’re told you won’t take money for the Lord’s work you only needed it for the meditation materials then turn around three days later and think I was going to drop a jar of water with $450 wrapped around it to you…are you serious??

Did she says some things that got me thinking? Yes. Was it worth more of my money? No. I just wanted to know my future. Not hear about a voodoo black magic curse some jealous person from my past had placed on me as a small child. WTF? Who does that anyway? Placing curses on children because you don’t want them to shine or whatever other whack job reason you tell yourself. I read somewhere that curses can only hold power over you if you believe them to be true and other places say they don’t exist. Just like with everything in this world there is someone for and against the argument. Personally I think people want such things to be real. I don’t know what I believe but I knew I wasn’t taking that jar with pretty much half of my paycheck wrapped around it anywhere. I had things to do and bills to pay.

But seriously I will never forget the words spoken to me when she described how the curse was place nor will I ever speak them out loud as long as I live. So days and memories just stay with you and that is one that will forever be with me. Moral of the story: No one really needs to know their future. You may hear some really messed up stuff.

4 thoughts on “I just wanted to know my future!!”

  1. No legit psychic will ever tell you that you are cursed, or ask for more money because of it. She is a scam artist, plain and simple..Sorry you had that experience.

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