Random Excerpt 8

While I’m waiting on a cover so I can publish my book here’s another excerpt. I’m going through and making sure it’s the best possible book I can write. Enjoy!!




Chapter 8

“Jackson, honey, you’ve really got to calm down. I’m sure Taz has realized that he’s gone too far. Come sit down and let’s watch some Supernatural. That should cheer you up. You love Sam and Dean.” Jackson just glared at him and kept pacing and muttering to himself about stupid Alphas. It was going to be a long night if he didn’t snap his lover out of his pissy mood. He didn’t have time for this. He hated when Jackson got good and pissed, especially if it didn’t involve make-up sex. Just when he was about to voice his opinion again he heard car tires screeching up the driveway.

“Who the hell is that? It better not be Taz,” Jackson growled. Holy shit, please don’t let it be Taz. Taylor went to look out the window and what he saw was so much worse. Not only was it Taz, but he had also brought Nathan, Krista, and what probably was her mother to their house. Jackson was about to seriously lose his shit and Taylor would be surprised if Taser was able to leave here without an ambulance. He knew the exact moment Jackson smelled them because he had gone eerily quiet. This was not good at all. He had just cleaned the carpets, and blood was a bitch to get out. A knock on the door had Taylor finally walking over to open it.

“I’ll get it. With any luck maybe I can get them all to go away or at least leave and call before just showing up.” Taylor swung the door open and without missing a beat said, “There had better be a good reason why you’re back here without calling and after pissing Jackson off this morning.”

“Yeah, about that. Maybe I did go a little too far,” Taz mumbled.

“Too far? That’s what you’re going to go with? Seriously! He’s still fucking pissed Jack…” Taylor suddenly stood rim-rod straight. Where the hell was that smell coming from? He had only smelled that odor once in his life… when he and Jackson had hit adulthood. Something was definitely wrong with this picture.

“Taylor, what’s wrong? What is it?” Jackson didn’t like this one bit. Taylor never stopped mid sentence when he was on a roll. Jackson watched as Taylor leaned in to sniff the redhead. She was cute for a chick. Wait, why the hell was Taylor growling? Jackson walked over to where everyone was standing, all as still as a statue, while Taylor growled and the redhead walked closer to him. “What in the hell is going on around here? Taylor, what the fuck is your problem?” As soon as the words left his mouth Jackson knew exactly what was wrong with his baby. This redhead was somehow their mate. Oh hell fucking no! He was not mating with a Mystic, especially one that was a woman. What the hell were they supposed to do with a woman?

“This must be some kind of witch trick. You are not our mate. We are already mated. Taylor, stop all that damn growling and rubbing up on this woman like a bitch in heat,” Jackson said as he grabbed Taylor and pulled him back against him. He knew something was about to go down but he had no idea this was what he had been feeling for the last couple of days. Just his luck, fate had mated him with a monster. He already had a mate damn it, and he didn’t want another one. “Look, lady.”

“Jennifer,” she interrupted him.

“Fine, Jennifer, I don’t know what kind of voodoo crap you’re trying to pull but he and I are already mated to each other. We don’t need another mate, so maybe you guys should leave.”

“First of all, asshole, I’m not into voodoo and if I was I wouldn’t use it for this. Second, we came over here for a reason and we aren’t leaving until you hear us out.” Jennifer was good and pissed. Finding a Nyhiya was supposed to be a happy time. Not this bullshit. Stupid Alpha males.

“Listen, murderer, I don’t want to hear anything you have to say!” Jackson growled loudly.

“MURDERER? You know nothing about me. How dare you?”

“Will the both of you just shut the fuck up for five seconds?” Taylor screamed over the both of them. “Now we are all going to sit down like adults while they explain what this little house call is about. We can deal with the mating part after.”

“That is a great idea. You’re right. I will explain why we are here and I will tell everyone what happened in 1625 as well because I am not a murderer. I’ve never told anyone what happened, not even my daughter. But I’m thinking it’s time. Especially with what happened last night. I’ve been thinking a lot about it and something just doesn’t feel right so maybe it’s time I talk all this out and we can go from there.” Jenny really didn’t want to get into what happened that night. She wasn’t even sure if she remembered it all. It all seemed to happen so fast. She hoped she could get through everything without freaking out.

“Mom, you don’t have to do this. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. I know something awful happened. You don’t need to relive it.”

“Krista that’s sweet of you but I relive it all the time. I’m always looking over my shoulder thinking someone is coming for me. Shit, maybe someone finally is. Maybe I’m being punished or it’s someone who knows what happened and is playing sick jokes. Either way, this needs to be out in the open. I don’t want anyone else to get hurt.”

Jackson just bet she didn’t. He didn’t get a good feeling from whatever the hell was going on here but he really wanted to hear the story. No one really knew why Jennifer Johnston snapped and killed her family, but here she was willing to tell the story. If she really was their mate they would need to know anyway, so sooner was better than later. “Well let’s all sit down and get comfortable. We might be here for a while. Anyone want anything before we get this party started?” Taylor asked. Everyone called out their choice and Jackson and Taylor got drinks as they all settled in to hear a story no one else knew.

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