There was something in the air tonight. Krista Bell couldn’t wait to get to the bar. She needed a drink and some dancing. She was about four blocks away when she felt something watching her. Immediately her guard went up. She didn’t miss a beat. She just kept on walking. Someone placed a hand on her shoulder and she dropped down, kicked out, and threw herself on top on whoever it was. She liked down at her stalker. “Aww man, damnit. Not one of you. Why are you following me Hyjia?” For a minute he just stared at her. She didn’t think he was going to answer.

“I am Nathan Brimming and you are my Nyhiya. I can smell you. My sense of smell is strong.”

Aww shit. She didn’t need this right now. She could barely take care of herself. Her mother was still covering up her childish mistakes and she was over two centuries old.

“Krista Bell Johnston. I take it you know what I am.” She didn’t beat around the bush. She would not have lies between them.

“Yes, I know what you are Mystick. It is of no importance to me. You are mine. I will love, honor, and protect you for as long as I live, as is my right as your mate. So tell me little vampyra, where you headed to Heaven’s Angles.” “Yes, care to join me?” “I would love too. It will give us time to get to know each other.” Maybe this mating thing wouldn’t be so bad after all. Hopefully her mama didn’t flip out.

They went straight to the bar once they arrived at the club and ordered two beers. Krista studied her new Nyhiya and noticed how sexy he was. He was almost seven feet tall and he was what she would guess close to three hundred pounds. He had a lot of muscle and they most beautiful green eyes she had ever seen. They seem out of place with his black hair. She wanted to run her fingers through it but they weren’t that comfortable with each other yet. She started to make conversation with him when he suddenly stiffen and turned to look at one of the Dylia.


That was all he said when he shot off the stool and tackled the man. What the fuck? He had said that she was his and she knew it to be true because her Vampyra sensed it. She jumped from the stool and eyes shining with malice, stomped over to the pair.

“Just what in the hell do you think you’re doing Nathan.”

She was practically screaming by the end of her sentence. Already her Vampyra was possessive of what was theirs.

“No need to worry love. He is both of ours. Aren’t you Dylia?”

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