Random Excerpt



Alpha Taser “Taz” Jameson, of the Dylia was a tiny little thing. You couldn’t tell just by looking at his five foot five inch frame that was only about one hundred and seventy five pounds and rouge boyish good looks, that he was the most evil and powerful of the Dylia. And he was not one to fuck around with. No one that knew him would dare to turn his or her back on him. Not even those that called him friend. Hell, he’d killed a friend or two that had crossed him in the pass.

“Children, do you know why you’re here today? No? Well let me enlighten you. Checks and balances, yes you heard me. I don’t give a fuck that you kill, torture, or whatever else you decide to do just cover your fucking tracks. I am not your fucking parent. I am your Alpha. Yes I will cover your messes to a certain extent but basic shit you should be able to take care of yourselves. Damnit. Get your shit together because if I have to do it for you no one is gonna like the damn outcome. Am I making myself clear?” There was a chorus of yes alphas all around. “Now you guys know I hate being a prick but sometimes it can’t be avoided. With so many new pups it seems I just need to remind them of the rules. Something their fucking parents should be doing. Now that the reprimand is over let’s mingle and have some fun.” With that the crowd with their separate ways and Jackson and Taylor saw their Alpha making his way to them.

Damn, Jackson was trying to get his dick sucked. He stole a glance at Tay and saw a smirk on his face. So his lover knew what he was thinking. Asshole. “Alpha.” They said in unison. “Boys let’s take this to my office, shall we.” Fuck sometimes bring the Alpha’s betas had it’s privileges but today didn’t feel like one of those days. Nope this was a bunch of bullshit. He had a blowjob waiting damnit. They didn’t have time for this shit. “Don’t worry Jack baby. I’ll take care of you. This can’t take that long. Let’s just go and hear him out and then we’re out of here,” he heard whispered in his head. Man he loved that mind like he and Taylor had. Make having private conversations private. Just the way he liked it.

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