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Venefica Publishing Presents – SMUT! NOW LIVE!!!!!

Title: SMUT

Author: Nona Black, Shakuita Johnson, Stephanie Kelley, & Nina Gabrielle

~Featured Stories~
By The Moon
Last Friday Night
F*ck Me Please
Betrayal by Blood
Wanton Secrets

Bentley (Kiss and Tell: Encounters of a Man Whore)

Publisher: Venefica Publishing

Release Date: Dec. 20th, 2016



$0.99 until Jan. 5th, 2017

9 stories, 4 authors, a lot of steam.

Enjoy a collection of steamy stories with Venefica Publishing’s first anthology… Smut

Last Friday Night:
What Happens on Friday’s is our little secret… Jessica has a little secret. She met her husband Peter in a sex club two years ago, and her life has been satisfying ever since. But work calls Peter away for the whole week and leaves the weekends free for fun, f*cking and no holds bared.

F*ck Me Please:
Sometimes offices are for work, and sometimes offices are for f*cking!

Jennifer want nothing more than to be f*cked all over and sideways by her fiancé who is always at work. Taking matters into her own hands she decides that this time the ball was in her court.

Mature audiences only. Contains M/F scenes and adult language

Clarissa is back and this time she’s brought the men with her…This is the first installment in a six part serial. Although each can be read as a standalone, it is best to read them in order.

Clarissa is an acclaimed journalist and blogger who sets out to show the erotic side of escorting by writing a blog article for her followers. She speaks to six men, in Connecticut, asking them to tell her one of their hottest encounters with a client.

The first man she interviews goes by the name of Bentley. After being released from a juvenile detention center he opened Cupiditas with five of his closest friends. Join him as he regales Clarissa with tells of lust and desire with, Chloe.

Wanton Secrets:
Ms. Cage is looking for a bit of fun away from her high powered job. She goes to a place at the urging of an associate. Once there however, she gets far more than she bargained for.

Betrayal By Blood:
The debt was due… I was the payment. The one who sold me… was family.

By the Moon:
It was just supposed to be one night last summer, just a fling with him at his welcome home party. Just one hot, delicious, drunken romp in his truck was all we agreed on. Except we couldn’t keep our hands off each other and it turned into all night.

Rome was the guy all the local girls wanted; good family name, easy on the eyes, skilled with his hands. And I didn’t need linked to him. I didn’t want to be in the shadowed spot light that was his life.

Now that man, who swore by the moon in a drunken confession that he was a witch, was at my library, silently waiting for me when I left work. I didn’t know what he wanted but he’d promised

me magic that night last summer. I didn’t believe in magic, but I knew the way he looked at me made me want to go back on my word.

Dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair… Wait, that’s the opening for my favorite Eagles song. Probably shouldn’t be drinking and telling you this, but it kinda sucks to be the wolf with no Red Riding Hood to seduce when one is in a mood, wait, I mean chase… chase, that’s it.

That is, until he shows up with flaming red hair and lots of muscles.

Bait, an erotic comedy, takes place in Baltimore where my protagonist, Katrina, is a thirty-something year old woman whose life has simply fallen flat after her ex dumps her. She finds herself going through the paces, hating every step, afraid to dare to be more. Until she bumps into Deck, young and impulsive yet wanting a real kind of love. By no means is he willing to become Kat’s “boy-toy” and he goes about convincing her to commit in a very… unconventional way.

Clash, an erotic drama, also taking place in Baltimore where the protagonist, Ava, has turned into a coldhearted and ruthless woman. She’s up for a promotion at her firm but is forced to work with her ex and prove to the board that she can work well with others in a difficult situation. She has every intention of getting in, getting out, and washing her hands completely of her past. Little does she know, Nick still loves her and refuses to let her ice him out again, but love cannot be forced.





Nina Gabrielle is a sassy woman from NY! Being new to the erotica world she writes sexy smut while juggling a host of things.
Nina is innocent, with just enough freak in her to get the job done…and yes, in her books as well. 😉

Here is my author page on amazon

Shakuita Johnson is currently finishing up her Master’s degree. When she isn’t in school she enjoys watching Japanese Anime, eating, and relaxing. She published her first book Dark Indiscretions (Dark Indiscretions Series, #1) in Dec. 2013, which is permafree on all online outlets for ebook.

Please join her newsletter for more information about her upcoming projects:
For more information:
Twitter: @sljay1184
Facebook: shakuitajohnson
Website: www.authorshakuitajohnson.com

Stephanie Kelley is a 36 year old sci fi geek who wishes Firefly was never canceled. She likes silly hats, karaoke, and doesn’t say “shiny” nearly enough. She is a straight up goof who has an obsession with all things gummy and makeup.

She works full time while pretending to be an adult. Who decided it was a good idea to invent rolly chairs that spin anyway? Chances are if you walk by her cubicle and she’s bopping along to her headphones there is a good chance it’s Rob Zombie, Five Finger Death Punch, Dorothy or The Pretty Reckless.

She has a degree in Journalism but writes supernatural and fantasy stories. Something about the juxtaposition of those two things never fails to amuse her.
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Nona Black is the pseudonym of… well if I tell you, there wouldn’t be any point in having a pen name 😉

Free now to write whatever my naughty little heart desires I hope you enjoy every one of the – love, pain, angst, erotic filled pages I can conjure.

Follow Nona Black to stay up to date on all of her naughty little stories.



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